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Valuation Methods

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About the training

The valuation methods are truly essential and they represent a large number of questions in the interviews.

This course is about knowing and understanding the main valuation methods but also being able to compare them and to explain which one will be more accurate in any particular situation. The chapter also helps you prepare for the most technical and complicated questions around valuation.

We will study many numerical cases around valuations such as numerical DCFs of Paper LBOs.

Questions you will be able to answer
  • Explain the precedent transactions method 
  • Explain the trading comps valuation method
  • Walk me through a DCF
  • Walk me through an LBO
  • Which valuation method leads to the highest valuation?
  • Numerical "paper LBO"
  • What is a WACC and how to calculate it?
The keywords of the training
The videos of the training
  • Course 1
    M&A Training
    Overview of the valuation methods

    The purpose of this course is to explain, detail and compare all valuation methods. You will be asked to assess which methods are the most accurate in certain situations and this is what this video is all about.

    19 min
  • Course 2
    M&A Training
    Trading Comparables Method

    This method is about comparing the company we want to value to comparable listed peers. We will detail how to identify a comparable company and how to calculate its valuation multiples.

    28 min
  • Course 3
    M&A Training
    Precedent Transactions Method

    This method is about comparing the company we want to value to comparable precedent transactions. We will detail how to identify a comparable transaction and how to get to its valuation metrics.

    18 min
  • Course 4
    M&A Training
    "Walk me through a DCF"

    This video explains and describes the DCF method. We will go through all the steps to build a DCF valuation and focus on all you need to know about each step.

    31 min
  • Course 5
    M&A Training
    Focus on WACC

    WACC is a key part of DCF, so we detail how to calculate it. It is the subject of many questions in interviews and this is the reason why we are focusing on it for an entire video.

    24 min
  • Course 6
    M&A Training
    The LBO Method

    Private Equity funds are essential in M&A process. The LBO method is one of the most frequently used valuation method. Here, we go through all the different steps of the LBO method.

    25 min
  • Course 7
    M&A Training
    Paper LBO

    The "Paper LBO" is a numerical case study whose objective is to go through an LBO step by step to get to Multiple of Money and IRR. You will be given numerical assumptions to start and then have to detail the method and the calculations.

    14 min