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Accounting 1 - Financial Statements

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In this second section, we will go back to basics with the fundamentals of accounting that you absolutely need to master for your interviews. 

We start by the fundamentals of accounting:

  • the Balance Sheet
  • the Profit & Loss statement
  • the Cash Flow statement

Finally, the last chapter will focus on mapping the links between all financial statements so that you can have a clear understanding of them. The purpose of this is for you to understand the impacts of some accounting operations on all three financial statements.

Questions you will be able to answer
  • Walk me through a Balance Sheet, a Cash-Flow statement and an Income Statement
  • How are the financial statements linked together?
  • How would an increase of D&A by 10 impact all financial statements?
  • What is the EBITDA?
  • How can a business be financed?
  • Why do we need to add back D&A in the operating cash flow?
  • What is the “tax shield”?
  • And many more questions given in interviews!
The keywords of the training
The videos of the training
  • Course 1
    Transaction Services Training
    The Balance Sheet

    We will go through the balance sheet. On top of its structure, we will study the different balance sheet presentations that you may encounter.

    21 min
  • Course 2
    Transaction Services Training
    The P&L

    In this video, we will study the Profit & Loss statement (P&L), one of the three financial statements you need to master for your technical interviews.

    17 min
  • Course 3
    Transaction Services Training
    The Cash-Flow Statment

    Let's now have a look at the Cash-Flow statement, one of the most important if not the most important of the three financial statements.

    8 min
  • Course 4
    Transaction Services Training
    Mapping of financial statements

    In this video, we focus on mapping and emphasizing the links between financial statements in order to clarify them so that you can use them with ease during your technical interviews.

    6 min