BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF: What You Need To Know

BlackRock's Bitcoin ETF: What You Need To Know

Since the recent fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market in the summer of 2022, many retail investors have lost interest in the market. But the crypto world is in turmoil as financial professionals step up initiatives to invest in the crypto world.


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BlackRock enters copper ETP race

On the cryptocurrency market, products and initiatives are multiplying. Considered the world's largest asset manager, BlackRock has filed an application to register a Bitcoin spot ETF, in June 2023, with the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission). This is the US federal agency responsible for regulating and overseeing the US financial markets.


What is a Bitcoin spot ETF?

First, an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), also known as a tracker, is an index fund that seeks to track the performance of a stock market index as closely as possible.

A Bitcoin Spot ETF is therefore directly linked to the current, or "spot", price of bitcoin.

The application for this ETF is still under review, and the SEC has not yet given the green light. However, if BlackRock's Bitcoin Spot ETF is approved, it will be listed on NASDAQ, the 2nd largest equity market in the USA.



Bitcoin price boosted by BlackRock

Often referred to as "digital gold", bitcoin is a highly volatile asset. Its price plummeted in 2022, following the massive fraud uncovered on one of the most high-profile digital asset exchanges, FTX.

Since Larry Fink, the head of the asset management giant, announced his interest in this crypto currency, the bitcoin price has seen a new upward movement. The manager of over $10,000 billion in assets hammered home his vision on CNBC and his future ambitions. Following his announcements, the Bitcoin price approached $31,500 on July 13 and 14, 2023.


To conclude, requests for Spot Bitcoin ETFs have been pouring in from all of BlackRock's rival investment funds. These include Fidelity and Valkyrie.


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