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About the training

This course gives a detailed overview of the Mergers & Acquisitions business, which is an important part of the interviews. Beyond the financial theory, it is essential to know the day-to-day job of an investment banker.

We will present all aspects of investment banking jobs. The buy-side and sell-side processes, the reasons that explain why two companies merge, the role of banks in M&A transactions and how they are paid.

Questions you will be able to answer
  • Why would two companies merge? 
  • What are synergies? 
  • What is an accretive deal? Dilutive deal? 
  • Describe a buy-side process 
  • Describe a sell-side process 
  • What is a control premium? 
  • How to talk about a deal in interviews?
The keywords of the training
The videos of the training
  • Course 1
    M&A Training
    Mergers & Acquisitions Operations

    The video gives an overview of the strategic and financial reasons for companies to merge or acquire one another. An M&A deal can create massive synergies and be accretive to shareholders or be justified by more strategic reasons. 

    19 min
  • Course 2
    M&A Training
    Processes Buy-Sides and Sell-Sides

    This video is about understanding what are the different M&A processes: buy-side or sell-side. This is an easy part of the interviews but it requires precision in the step-by-step process description. 

    9 min