Summer & Graduate Program 2024

Summer & Graduate Program 2024

Many banks have just opened applications for the 2024 Summers and Graduates, including: Société Générale, HSBC, Evercore, Goldman Sachs, BNP Paribas and Houlihan Lokey.

The end of summer is the perfect time to apply to some of the world's most prestigious investment banks!


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What are the differences between a Summer and a Graduate in Finance?


Summer Intership in finance

The Summer Internship is the most coveted internship for students! This 8–10 week internship takes place, as its name suggests, during the summer (between June and August). It's the key to landing a Graduate or CDI in London.

Throughout the program, the trainee will have the opportunity to carry out several rotations, generally 2 or 3 in different departments of the bank. These rotations enable them to familiarize themselves with new teams and new products.


Graduate Program

The Graduate program is a more specialized 6–12 month internship for students who have completed their studies. To qualify for a Graduate program, you need at least one year's experience in finance.

Graduate experiences generally offer larger, more responsible assignments, as well as more in-depth exposure to the industry. A Graduate may also include training programs to help students develop their finance skills.



Why is now the right time to apply?

To apply for a Summer Internship, you need to be in your first year of a master’s program. So, for a Summer Internship in the summer of 2024, you'll need to have graduated in 2024 or later. Companies generally start recruiting for these internships at the beginning of the year, in September. It's imperative to start looking and applying now!


Graduate programs are very popular with young graduates. Highly selective, they are aimed at students who have completed their studies. To land this internship, it's imperative to devote a lot of time to your application. It's a time-consuming process, at least for the first one you'll be doing, but it'll go much faster after that.



Target establishments

At the end of the graduate program - which works like a career gas pedal, showing several facets of the company in a short space of time - recruits are hired into highly responsible and well-paid positions. But in London, recruitment processes can be very complex (more so than in Paris). Below is a non-exhaustive list of banks to apply to.


  • Houlihan Lokey

Summer EMEA - Application open since: 10 August

  • BNP Paribas

Summer EMEA - Application open since: 10 August

  • Goldman Sachs

Summer Analyst Programme EMEA - Application open since: 15 August

  • RBC Capital markets

Summer Analyst Programs - Application open since: 16 August

  • HSBC

Summer & Graduate - Application open since: 17 August

  • Evercore

Graduate - Application open since: 17 August

  • Société Générale

Summer EMEA - Application open since: 18 August

  • PJT Partners

Summers - Application open since: 22 August

  • Morgan Stanley

Summers - Application open since: 1 September

  • UBS

Summers & Graduates - Application open since: 1 September

  • Nomura

Summers & Springs - Application open since: 1 September

  • Macquarie

Summers & Springs & Graduates - Application open since: 1 September



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