Start in Blockchain: a media dedicated to blockchain

Start in Blockchain: a media dedicated to blockchain

Start In Blockchain©, a media launched by Alexandre Duran, Mélissa Desde, Dorian Zerroudi and Benjamin Hautin, in late 2022, aims to raise awareness of Web3, blockchain, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. 

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Start in Blockchain is a project born in Berkeley, California

Start in Blockchain was born at the University of California, Berkeley, in the United States. It was here that two French exchange students (Mélissa Desde and Dorian Zerroudi) came up with the idea of sharing their knowledge of the Web3.0 and blockchain ecosystems.


Dorian Zerroudi, already at the helm of media such as Planète Grandes Écoles and Mister Prépa), proposed developing a media outlet around these issues, which Mélissa Desde accepted. After talking to their professors and UC Berkeley management, the latter directly supported the initiative, with the expertise of Tommaso Di Bartolo, professor at UC Berkeley and Stanford University.

Start In Blockchain: a medium that meets many challenges

Start in Blockchain offers a wide range of content possibilities: social networks, web articles, videos, live shows, interviews... with the common thread of making content accessible to all, on the often complex concepts associated with blockchain (Web3.0, crypto, NFT, metavers, DAO, etc.). This will be achieved by highlighting and understanding use cases from companies, student projects and seasoned entrepreneurs. 

In the future, Start in Blockchain will be a crossroads for students, schools and companies wishing to learn about or be trained in blockchain-related issues.

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