Discover elevenact, the Media & Tech Group dedicated to ambitious young people !

Discover elevenact, the Media & Tech Group dedicated to ambitious young people !

On Monday September 18, elevenact, the Media & Tech Group dedicated to ambitious young people, was officially launched. It brings together 12 brands ready to put their expertise to work for schools, companies, associations and entrepreneurs. These include Trainy, Planète Grandes Écoles, Mister Prépa, Start in Blockchain, Objectif AST and many others!

What are elevenact's 12 brands?

The elevenact Media & Tech Group is made up of : 

  • Trainy : The first 100% free EdTech platform for preparation in finance, auditing and financial consulting.
  • Planète Grandes Écoles : The benchmark media agency for Grandes Écoles students.
  • Start in Blockchain : The agency for creating Web3 content and promoting Blockchain projects.
  • Mister Prépa : The reference media for students in EC and literary preparatory classes.
  • Prépa+ : The first 100% free EdTech platform for mathematics preparation.
  • Génération Prépa : The media dedicated to candidates in engineering preparatory classes.
  • Objectif AST : The media for AST candidates to the Grandes Écoles.
  • AST+ : The first 100% free EdTech platform for AST preparation.
  • Écoles-commerce : The catalog of information on the various business school programs (Bachelors, MSc, MBA…).
  • NewGen Partners : The first impact consulting firm mobilizing students from the best Grandes Écoles.
  • MamaPapilles : The world's leading catering service committed to Mama inclusion.
  • Dediz : The first influencer marketing agency to mobilize various celebrities. 

Who is involved in the elevenact adventure ?

elevenact has a team of around ten full-time employees, enabling the various brands to evolve day by day. The group can also count on more than 100 student writers from the Grandes Écoles to create the content published on the various media.

Each of elevenact's 12 brands is headed by a CEO : 

  • Benjamin Hautin - Planète Grandes Écoles & Trainy
  • Dorian Zerroudi - Mister Prépa & Prépa+
  • Jules Sesplugues - Objectif AST & AST+
  • Élise Casado - Écoles-commerce
  • Abdelwakil Benabdi - Génération Prépa
  • Mélissa Desde - Start in Blockchain
  • Cem Isik - NewGen Partners
  • Abdelsamad Metheni - Mamapapilles
  • Thomas Basillais - Dediz

What are elevenact's strengths?

elevenact already boasts a sizeable audience. Indeed, thanks to its 12 brands, the group counts over a million monthly visits to its various websites, as well as tens of thousands of subscribers on social networks. 

elevenact's brands have already won the trust of numerous schools and companies. Indeed, they have already worked for HEC Paris, Deloitte, Bpifrance, Sciences Po, Canva and many others.

What do the co-founders have to say about the launch of elevenact?

Benjamin Hautin, co-founder, explains that elevenact is "at the service of schools and companies wishing to work on their reputation, influence, positioning and strategy. Indeed, elevenact brings together a dozen brands, all leaders in their niche, generating over a million visits to websites and tens of thousands of subscribers on social networks every month." 

Co-founder Dorian Zerroudi adds, "Groupe elevenact is a community of companies who share a common mission: to unveil a world of infinite possibilities for every individual. Our positioning is clear: to diversify by placing a strong CEO team at the head of each entity, experts in their field in order to meet current and future challenges." 

Contact : 

Benjamin Hautin - President & Co-founder : [email protected] 

Dorian Zerroudi - CEO & Co-founder : [email protected]