Get a free finance certification with Trainy !

Get a free finance certification with Trainy !

Trainy is the reference platform for anyone wishing to learn about finance, auditing and financial consulting. It features a blog focusing on these subjects and numerous video courses designed by financial industry professionals. This year, the platform is expanding to include certification for its users. To promote equal opportunities, all content offered on Trainy is free !

Explore the world of finance with Trainy's blog

The Trainy blog, accessible directly from the website, features a wide range of articles covering many aspects of the world of finance, auditing and consulting. 

Topics covered include news related to these subjects, practical advice, miscellaneous information on these sectors, as well as rankings and interviews. The articles are designed to provide relevant and up-to-date information, as well as useful tips for those interested or wishing to work in these fields.

Master M&A and Transaction Services with Trainy

The Trainy platform offers free videos and courses, focusing mainly on M&A (Mergers & Acquisitions) and transaction services. These areas are broken down into several chapters, each comprising several educational videos. 

The courses, offered in French and English, are taught by two finance experts with degrees from HEC Paris : 

  • Samuel Chekroun, specializing in M&A.
  • Pierre-Louis Terry, focused on financial consulting and auditing. 

Worth knowing : Many Trainy users have gone on to join prestigious companies such as Mazars, Bain & Company, Deloitte, KPMG, CapGemini, BpiFrance, Goldman Sachs and many others.

New for 2024 : Trainy certification ! is innovating by offering a certification in finance, entirely free of charge and accessible online. The aim is to certify the skills acquired by Trainy users in key areas such as financial analysis, accounting and corporate finance.

Members can obtain this certification by passing a final exam, which follows completion of the courses offered by the platform. This certification enhances users' LinkedIn profile and CV.

It is easily accessible via the "Certification" tab in the "My Account" section for registrants who have completed a certain number of course hours.